Pokemon Glazed ROM Download (Updated) GBA

Pokemon Glazed ROM Download (Updated) GBA

If you want to play a pokemon video game with all new features and new style then this game is for you.

Pokemon Glazed is mostly similar to Pokemon Emerald but you get a new list of pokemon and stories in this game. So, if you are a pokemon fan and want to control the pokemon shows then this game is only made for you, just follow all instructions and download Pokemon Glazed ROM.

The Pokemon Glazed ROM is one of the best games in which the story and game revolve around one mysterious island where you get different types of pokemon and their fight.

Now, if you love mystery, action, and role-play then stick with this article and follow the steps to download this one of the most downloaded pokemon video game series.

Pokemon Glazed ROM Download (Updated) GBA
NamePokemon Glazed
Last Update1 Day Ago

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Pokemon Glazed ROM

Pokemon Glazed is just an improved version of Pokemon Emerald, you get lots of similarities between Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Glaze, but the gameplay and storyline are different.

In the Glaze version, you get some interesting twists and the mysterious powers of pokemon with the wonderful story in pokemon fight will win your hearts. This game started in the Tuned region and you get all pokemon of that region the huge amount of pokemon and all pokemon can fight with each other make this game so popular.

Pokemon Glazed ROM Download (Updated) GBA

But if you download this ROM version from this webpage then you get some additional features in this game like you are also able to use some pokemon from other regions. You also get an advanced version of each pokemon easily which makes your gaming experience more wonderful.

So, just one click on the link to download Pokemon Glazed GBA ROM and get some advanced features in this game.

Features of Pokemon Glazed ROM

Below you get some exciting features of this game that make this game more interesting and on that, you get a ROM version that has lots of other additional features.

Pokemon Glazed ROM Download (Updated) GBA

You can choose more than one pokemon

As we all know, when you start any pokemon video game then you have to choose one pokemon, some series provide three starter pokemon, and then you have to catch other pokemon by defeating them. But in this Glazed version, you get five starter pokemon and you only need to fight in tournaments.

You can travel to any region

This is one of the best features of choosing this Glazed version of the game, which means that you can travel in any region, and on this journey, you get different pokemon of different regions.

Like if you download this video game then you can move to Tunod, Johto, and Rnkor regions and catch pokemon of those regions without any limitations.

You get pokemon from other game series

If you are a player of all pokemon video game series then you understand that all the games have different regions and every game has new collections of pokemon. In this game you get lots of pokemon from other game series also like – you get pokemon from Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos regions.

Pokemon Glazed ROM Download (Updated) GBA

You were also able to catch legendary pokemon

All the pokemon fans understand the power of legendary pokemon. If you download this video game on your device then one of the best features is you are able to catch legendary pokemon in this game and use them against your opponent and choose a one-sided win.

How to download Pokemon Glazed ROM

Before you follow all the download instructions below, I will inform you that you are not able to download or play this game on your device without an emulator. Those emulators are another application that helps you to run any other ROM or file on the device.

So, to download this video game and to understand the installation process of the emulator read all the instructions carefully.

Step 1 – Click the link given on this webpage and download the Pokemon Glazed ROM.

Step 2 – After that click another link on this webpage or if you find any problem then search on google and download Desmue Emulator. 

Step 3 – After that visit the download section of your device and extract both files in your device by right-clicking on them.

Step 4 – After extracting visit the file manager and open the emulator file by double-clicking on it.

Step 5 – When the emulator file will open then visit the menu section of an emulator and you get the file option, just click on that and choose “ROM”.

Step 6 – When you click on that option then your file manager will open and then you have to choose your Pokemon Glazed ROM file and this file will open in your emulator.

Note – Remember, after installing you have to extract both files and then open the emulator where you get an option to open the ROM file in this emulator and this will help you play this game on your PC or mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best emulator to run Pokemon Glazed ROM?

Desmume emulator is the best emulator to run any ROM file on PC and Mobile.

Why do pokemon video game series need different emulators?

Pokemon ROM video game series need different emulators and instructions because those games are for Nintendo ds devices and that’s why those games are in ROM format.

Can I play Pokemon Glazed ROM on mobile?

When you download Desmume Emulator then you can play this game on your mobile and PC without any problem.


If you read all the information given above then I think you understand the process to run any pokemon video game. This different emulator and a different process are used because these Pokemon games are for Nintendo ds. So, if you think this article provides you with complete information about this game and helps you to download Pokemon Glazed ROM, then share this article, and if possible then leave your valuable comment below.