Pokemon Conquest Rom Nintendo DS Download

Pokemon Conquest Rom Nintendo DS Download

Pokemon Conquest (Japanese: + Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition) is the first game to include a crossover between the Pokemon and Nobunaga’s Ambition series. After its first screening on March 17, the film was released in theatres throughout the globe on six separate dates: June 18, North America, June 21, Australia, and lastly, July 27, 2012, in the United Kingdom.

It was initially announced during Jump Festa 2012 and in CoroCoro’s inaugural issue, followed by the official website launch. The setting for the game is the Ransei area. You’ll discover Pokemon from all five generations in this game. The game’s DSi version has been upgraded.

Pokemon Conquest Rom Nintendo DS Download
GamePokemon Conquest
Developer Tecmo Koei
ConsoleĀ Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)
GenreRole-Playing , Strategy
RegionNorth America

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Features of Pokemon Conquest Rom

The military employs mechanics.

Enlisting the help of defeated Warlords and their Pokemon may be beneficial. Once a kingdom is conquered, players have access to facilities such as training grounds and shops where they may purchase products. When an army has Pokemon as a connection, it may grow more quickly. Numerous Pokemon are linked together, enabling warlords to prepare for battles by switching between them strategically.

Combat features include:

As the game progresses, players will experience a variety of battlegrounds. Each of the seventeen kingdoms has a battleground. Players may battle in and amid lava flows, beds, and fire spouts in the lava-themed realm of Ignis, for example. Water-type Pokemon may be utilised to take this realm by moving skillfully across the battlefield. The kingdom training grounds may train a player’s army or locate and catch wild Pokemon. The game scores a win when a player beats a Warlord. The built-in local wifi features of the Nintendo DS allow players to combat with friends who own the game and use their registered armies.

Pokemon and Warlords are fighting each other.

Each Warlord has a unique skill that has the potential to alter the outcome of the fight. The Warlord of Oichi can heal a player’s Pokemon. The kind of Warlord affects how successfully it connects with a specific Pokemon, just as it does with Pokemon. There will be Warlords with the ability to pick and interact with Pokemon.

One option is to play as a group.

A local wifi multiplayer option allows two players to compete against one another. Instead of placing any limits on the connection of Pokemon, the host might set a maximum of 10-100 in multiples of 10. It would be based on the Gallery’s highest recorded value. The host on the battlefield decides whether each participant will assault or defend (the host can also choose “random”, in which case, the player is randomly assigned to attack or defend.)


If the 17 kingdoms of the Ransei Region are joined, a Legendary Pokemon is said to arise (Ranse-chih). Warlords and warriors from all around the area battled to bring the story to a finish, bringing Ransei’s calm age to an end. Only by uniting other countries, beginning with Ignis, can Ransei be brought back to peace. The player was able to unify Ransei after beating Nobunaga and his Zekrom, and the Infinity Tower was revealed. In the tower, the player’s team will fight legendary Pokemon Arceus and a gleaming Rayquaza called Nobunaga. Ransei is persuaded to back down by a regional government and the recovery of his lands.


Pokemon Conquest makes use of a turn-based strategic battle strategy. You may be able to conquer a kingdom of wild Pokemon or an enemy kingdom depending on the result of a fight. If one or more of several recruitment criteria are satisfied, free troops (including Warlords) may be enlisted. As players go through the game, they will learn that Generation V Pokemon have distinct strengths, weaknesses, and immunities. Warrior conflicts may also occur in the wild or close to neighbouring kingdoms.

 Warrior Skills may be utilised just once every battle to improve or heal their Pokemon. Each of the kingdom’s six Warriors may do one action every month. Other locations, such as stores and mining, are accessible to each kingdom. You can train a kingdom, obtain new allies, or build your kingdom (spend on levelling kingdom locations up). You’ll have to practise, seek, or develop a warrior act if you don’t use one before the end of the month. Several events may occur depending on the player’s current cash or an item in their inventory.


What is the runtime of Pokemon Conquest?

It will take you roughly 1312 hours to accomplish Pokemon Conquest if you concentrate on the most crucial components of the game. You’ll need to put in between 110 and 115 hours of work to appreciate a game.

What were your thoughts on the whole experience of Pokemon Conquest?

Conquest is unique in terms of gameplay and planet design. Conquest lived up to the Pokemon title with relative ease because of the game’s creators’ willingness to take chances.

For Pokemon Black 2, there are no anti-piracy measures in place is this statement true?

Yes. Check whether the game’s files include any 3D models from previous games. Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 were released two years after the original Generation V Pokemon Black and White.

Why does Pokemon Conquest cost so much money?

Pokemon Conquest, a tactical role-playing game set in the Pokemon universe and analogous to Fire Emblem, is now available on PlayStation 4. This incident has not been well publicised. If you can get your hands on a copy of the game, expect to pay $75.00.


Pokemon Conquest is a turn-based strategy game set in a fictional version of mediaeval Japan. This game combines Nobunaga’s Ambition, a famous Koei war series, with Pokemon. Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition is the Japanese name for this game. This may seem a poor concept, yet it works so effectively that I’ve become addicted to the game. The action takes place in the fictional country of Ransei. You will go on a quest to conquer all 17 kingdoms of Ransei as a male or female Warlord. When it comes to fighting your way to the top, you’ll be using Pokemon this time.

An isometric overhead perspective is used in the central fighting system. Players who like Tactics Ogre will feel right at home in this game. In each combat, you are restricted to a certain number of turns. Each round, the isometric grid lets you face each of your Pokemon assigned to a different warlord in a new round. You’ll face warlords with similar objectives as you conquer the 17 kingdoms. In their thoughts, fighting Pokemon is a terrific method to strengthen their bond with one another. However, just obtaining any Pokemon is insufficient. A warlord may only utilise one Pokemon with a 100 per cent strength link at a time. It is possible to gain and slay over 200 warlords and Pokemon.