Photo Lab PRO Apk v3.4 Free (Paid+Patched)

Photo Lab PRO Apk v3.4 Free (Paid+Patched)

There are millions of options available for photo editing apps that make your precious moments incredible. Every time you click photos you always want that photo to look perfect. It is not necessary that you clicked on a perfect photo but you can edit and make your photo perfect. To get more attention and more likes on social media platforms you have to be active on that with your amazing photos. There are many developers who developed search photo editing apps only for you which have many more photo effects that are unavailable in other apps. If you are searching for an app that has many filters and can make your photo artistic in no time then you are at the right place. In this article, you are going to have a lot of information about an app named Photo lab APK. This application will make every photo artistic with its exclusive results from premium effects. It has the most unusual ideas for selfies. This application offers you thousands of smart and unique filters in it. You can directly save your photos and also share them from its feed. 

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Photo Lab PRO Apk v3.4 Free (Paid+Patched)
App NamePhoto Lab Pro
DeveloperLinerock Investments
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is the Photo Lab Pro Mod Apk?

Photo lab Pro apk app photo editor app. If you have an Android phone then you can definitely install this app. Photo lab Pro apk app has more than 900 effects and has powerful tools which help to make your photo more beautiful and artistic. It gives every photo an artistic look with its premium effects. It has the most unusual ideas for selfies that have an exclusive result on your photo. This app is very easy to use because you do not need any special skills to edit photos in this app. You just need to follow very few steps then you can have high-quality photos as a result. It has many filters for selfies and is the best option for selfie lovers. It has many frames and face filters in it. After editing your photo it does not leave any watermark on it. In many other app, you have to pay for it. You can directly post your edited photo on your social account. All these features you are having in this app is free to use. 

Photo Lab PRO Apk v3.4 Free (Paid+Patched)

Features of the Photo Pro APK

Easy to use 

To use this application you do not need any special assistance or any perfect skills. You just need to import your photo with this app and choose the options you need to edit your photo. In return, it will give you the best professional look photo. It has countless filters, greeting cards, and awesome frames in it. This app will give you an artistic approach to editing your photo. If you are worrying about aids processing then you should hear it first that it has more than 15000 photos in the process every single day. 

Photo Lab PRO Apk v3.4 Free (Paid+Patched)

High-quality photo

If you are having problems while clicking photos like the lack of light, the sky is dark or the color of the original photo is too monotonous. You should not worry about it because photo lab APK has more than 600 beautiful frames, filters, effects, and montages. When you import photos in this app then it will quickly resolve the image quality and in return, it gives you an effective photo with high quality. 

Photo Lab PRO Apk v3.4 Free (Paid+Patched)

No watermarks

After editing many photo editing apps leave their watermark which gives your photo an unnatural look. But with this app, you will not face this problem as it does not leave any watermark after editing. No watermark on any photo gives an effective and incredible look to the photo. Many photo editing apps demand money to remove their watermark, you have to exchange money or get a subscription to unlock their premium feature. Photo lab APK does not charge any money for its premium feature.

Photo Lab PRO Apk v3.4 Free (Paid+Patched)

Filters for selfies

Photo lab APK has many unique filters for selfies. For selfie lovers, this feature is one of the best features for them. It has at least 700 plus effects to improve your best moment. You can make your photo more fun and unique. It has automatic face detection which helps you to get better results. You can play horror images with their horror filters or you can create greeting cards on birthdays, Christmas, or any special event. It has many captions, quotes, and captions that enhance your photo look. 

Photo Lab PRO Apk v3.4 Free (Paid+Patched)

Directly share to your social media account

If you want to share edited photos directly from this application then you can also do this. Many people who are using social media want to upload photos directly after editing. This feature is best for them. 

Photo Lab PRO Apk v3.4 Free (Paid+Patched)

Free to use

Photo Lab Pro APK app does not charge any money for its features. The developer of this application has designed this app as per your need. It has unlocked many premium features for which you are paying on another app. 

Photo Lab PRO Apk v3.4 Free (Paid+Patched)

Frequently asked questions about Photo Pro APK app

Is it an Indian app?

If you are obsessed with the above article and want to install Photo lab APK and worry about its origination. Then we are confirming that this has originated from Linerock investment Ltd., a company based in San Fransico, United States. 

Does it show its watermark after editing?

No, it will not be left any watermark on your edited photo. It is one of the best features it has in it. Like any other app of photo editing which leaves a watermark on your photo is annoying. It gives an artistic look to your photos. When it shows a watermark on any photo and you post that on your social account then anyone can recognize that it is edited. To avoid such embarrassment you can use this app.  

In which devices can we access this app?

You can access this on any android device. This app is only for android devices not for ios devices. You can download this from links available on google websites as this is a third-party app. This is not available on the google play store. 

Is the Photo lab APK safe for our device?

This app is a third-party app. So you cannot trust this app for long-term use. You can use this app for your initial use. The developer and authentication of this app are not confirmed. As a user, you cannot trust this app for sure but as it is giving you premium features for free you can use it. There are many questions and insecurity hidden in this app that is related to third-party access that is yet to be answered. 

Do we need to pay for its features?

No, you do not need to pay for using this app. It has many advanced features in its APK version which you are having for free of cost. You can have your edited photo without any watermark for which many apps are demanding money.


From the above article you can conclude that this app is best with its all premium features. You can decide from the above article if you need this photo editing app, you should download this instead of any other app. Because you are not paying for any feature while using this app. Show your creativity on an extreme level with this app and have a more fun experience.