OGWhatsApp Apk Latest Version

OGWhatsApp Apk Latest Version

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and fastest-growing apps of this century. It has around 500 million monthly active users as of this writing. We installed it as the first app on our new cellphones. OG Whatsapp is an improved version of the original Whatsapp with additional features that make communication simpler and more secure for users. You may say that OG Whatsapp APK is outstanding in terms of dependability and affordability.

Third-party developers offer additional security and privacy features. The user may control their privacy concerns, such as who can access their status updates, profile photographs, and conversations, by downloading and installing this APK software. The addition of privacy features to this software makes it more trustworthy for consumers.

OGWhatsApp Apk Latest Version
App name OGWhatsapp
Android Requirement 5.0+
VersionLatest Version
License FreeWare 
File size 50 MB

Furthermore, the authors of OG Whatsapp APK have included an extra option that enables the user to delete previously dented messages, which isn’t fantastic? You may even hide your internet identity with this amazing application.

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What exactly is OGWhatsapp?

OGWhatsapp is a reliable alternative to the official Whatsapp app, as well as being known as OGWA. The most basic version of WhatsApp isn’t always what we need. Third-party developers, on the other hand, are continually updating and improving OGWhatsApp. If you use this programme, your privacy and security will not be jeopardised. There are a host of new features that we can start using right now. Some of the most helpful features are DND mode, online status concealment, customisation, and auto-reply. None of these aspects is problematic in any way. OGWhatsapp’s current version is constantly updated and enhanced. On this page, we’ve included all you need to know about the original WhatsApp and its features, including direct download links.

Facts About OG Whatsapp:

This programme is a customised version of the official Whatsapp app with extra features and is more secure and user-friendly than the original. Furthermore, rather than the official Whatsapp team, it was created by a third party. Even though it was not created by the designers themselves, it is safe and secure. As a result, it will never infringe on your privacy. As a result, you won’t have to worry about it being difficult to set up or operate. As a backup account, OG Whatsapp may be used for personal communication and informal discussion.

 Features of the OGWhatsapp APK,

As previously said, this programme has a boatload of unique and complex features. Let’s have a look at a couple of them, shall we?

 Messages can be pre-scheduled:

This is one of the most stunning aspects of the OGWhatsapp APK in my opinion. You may use this function to schedule messages that you wish to be sent at certain times if you forget to contact someone or show your thanks to loved ones. This tool may also be used to start a conversation with a buddy. This pre-programmed message scheduler will deliver your text to that specific person at the time you choose. OGWhatsapp will then send a message to that contact automatically.

Additionally, you’ll need a good Wi-Fi connection to utilise this function. With the aid of this function, you can stay connected with your close ones while working on your professional obligations.

APK Anti-Ban

APK Anti-Ban is an application that prevents APK files from being banned. The official Whatsapp service may likely block users who have modified versions of the programme installed. As a consequence, the experts at OG Whatsapp have solved the problem in the most recent version of the programme. With this feature, you can be certain that using this software will not put you in any danger.

The Rooted Status-Download

The Rooted Status-Download Feature will help you to easily download your current status. It’s a fantastic programme that allows you to simultaneously make updates, talk with pals, and share photographs. You may share bits and pieces of your life with your loved ones using the status updates and tales feature. Users may also store and share status updates from pals, which isn’t available on the official Whatsapp.

Non-contact call

You must first input the recipient’s phone number to make a call or send a message on the official Whatsapp. OG Whatsapp will help you to send any message or make a phone call to someone who is not on your contact list.

Give your group a name with at least 35 characters.

The official Whatsapp group calling option was, in our view, one of its greatest features. Friends and family members may converse for lengthy periods without encountering any difficulties. OG Whatsapp enabled us to utilise 35 characters for group names instead of the typical 25, which is excellent. As a result, you’ll be allowed to use 35 characters for the name of your club.

Any subsequent message will not include this person’s phone number.

You may use this fantastic tool to prevent any of your contacts from phoning you repeatedly if they are bothering you. You can simply ban their phone calls with this tool, not their whole contact list. In the phone’s settings, you may disable call reception for a single contact.

provide 90 photos.

This application will help you to transmit up to 90 photos at once, which isn’t feasible with the official Whatsapp. So, make use of OGWhatsapp’s key features.


Is it safe to use OGWhatsApp?

In terms of security, OGWhatsApp is fully safe and secure. Since no viruses have been found in this hack, there is no need to root your device.

What was the first version of WhatsApp?

Third-party developers have created a modified and upgraded version of the original WhatsApp, known as the “OG WhatsApp.”

Can you tell me how I can revert to the old version of WhatsApp?

Visit the “Download OG WhatsApp” section of this website and click the “Download OG WhatsApp” button to download the mod.

How can the original WhatsApp be improved?

Keep an eye out for the latest OG WhatsApp updates on our website. Make sure you have the current version of OG WhatsApp loaded if you’re using an earlier version of this hack.


This software, OG Whatsapp APK, contains a lot of interesting and unique features that the original Whatsapp does not have. It is, without a doubt, an excellent app. Even though it is not the original version, it is much better in terms of functionality and user experience than the official one. Because it is not accessible on the Play Store, you will need to download it via the URL given below. As a result, if you want additional features, try GBWhatsApp or download OG Whatsapp and start using its impressive capabilities.