Octopus MOD Apk v 6.4 Pro Unlocked Download

Octopus MOD Apk v 6.4 Pro Unlocked Download

Octopus, a simple and easy-to-use solution, allows you to use your Android smartphone as a gamepad, keypad, and mouse. Octopus is software that makes this possible. If you download the most current version of Octopus from APKmazon and use it to its full potential, you won’t have to pay a membership fee. With this membership, you’ll have access to all of the app’s PRO features.

Octopus MOD Apk v 6.4 Pro Unlocked Download
Name Octopus MOD Apk 
Package Namecom.chaozhuo.gameassistant
PublisherOctopus Gaming Studio
VersionLatest Version

How octopus was created?

The mobile game industry is currently growing. According to recent studies, smartphone and tablet gaming may soon be able to compete with PC gaming in terms of visual and audio quality. In basic video games, it’s simple to utilize your mobile device’s touch screen to perform gestures like swiping and tapping. This is especially true if the games you’re playing aren’t challenging. It’s possible to have a bad mobile gaming experience, especially if you’re playing more difficult games on your mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, shooting or action games. The day’s question is, “How can mobile gaming be improved?” This is mostly due to the growing popularity of mobile gaming applications. You’ll need a gamepad, mouse, or keyboard to get the most out of the game. You’ll use the actual keys to rearrange things instead of sliding your fingers across the screen. To put it another way, playing games using a gamepad or keyboard may provide you with greater enjoyment.

Owners of modern Android smartphones, on the other hand, are unable to link their phones through Bluetooth to external devices such as keyboards and gamepads. This limitation affects both Bluetooth and USB connections. On the other hand, this technique may be performed by several programs that are not part of the operating system. You may use them as a bridge between your smartphone and other permitted devices, such as a keyboard or a gamepad, to make communication between these devices simpler. Consequently, we may be certain that they will maintain their former level of performance.

About Octopus MOD Apk 

Right now, mobile gaming is changing. In terms of visual and audio quality, games played on smartphones and tablets may be able to compete with those played on personal computers. You may use your mobile device’s touch screen to accomplish things like swiping and tapping while playing basic video games to have fun. This is particularly true if the games you play don’t have too many sophisticated rules. It’s also feasible to have a vexing mobile gaming experience, particularly if you’re playing a more tough game like a shooting or action game. Because mobile gaming is getting more popular, the question today is: how can it be improved? Several third-party devices, such as a gamepad, mouse, or keyboard, are required to play the game. Instead of using your fingertips to move stuff around on the screen, you’ll utilize the real keys. To put it another way, utilizing a gamepad or keyboard to play games will undoubtedly increase your pleasure.

Octopus MOD Apk v 6.4 Pro Unlocked Download

The vast majority of recent Android smartphones, on the other hand, do not enable users to link their phones to external devices like keyboards and gamepads. This action, on the other hand, may be carried out by several non-operating system programs. They operate as a connection between your device and other allowed devices, such as those listed above, making it easier for devices like a keyboard, gamepad, or mouse to communicate with one another. This, of course, guarantees that they will continue to function as expected.


Octopus allows you to connect a controller and keyboard to your Android smartphone, offering you a better gaming experience. There is a slew of other unique features that might help you get the most out of your gaming experience. We ask you to join us as we begin our research.

Key Mapping Presets for 30 of the Most Popular Games

With practice, you’ll notice that each video game has its own set of controls for globe-trotting. Depending on the game’s programming, the on-screen function keys may react in several ways. As a result, when you connect your game to your keyboard and controller, you’ll need to adjust the settings on them. Our talk will be focused on key mapping principles. It’s critical to change the Key Mapping in Android games for them to perform properly with a gamepad (or keyboard). The notion that you must map a button on the gamepad or keyboard to a certain key in the game is something we can readily comprehend.

Octopus MOD Apk v 6.4 Pro Unlocked Download

Octopus now has key mapping choices for 30 of the most popular titles, including PUBG, Fortnite, Asphalt, and Free Fire. When you play these games using a gamepad, you can be certain that all of the setups have been taken care of for you. There are no adjustments that need to be made.

It’s vital to have a Key Mapping on hand since it takes care of all the specifics for you. There was no need to set each unique key since everything was done for you automatically in the game. When you connect the Gamepad to the device with Octopus, the Key Mapping settings are immediately stored on the device’s hardware.

Octopus MOD Apk v 6.4 Pro Unlocked Download

Altering the key mapping.

Only 30 of the most popular video games are supported by Octopus’ Key Mapping feature. Compared to the hundreds of other amazing Android games available, there aren’t enough of them. As a consequence, Octopus’ default setting of 30 Preset Key Mapping is far from complete. These Android game settings are nothing out of the ordinary.

Each game in Octopus may have its own set of unique Key Mapping. There’s no need to manually adjust any of the keys on your Android smartphone’s screen to match the buttons on the gamepad; instead, use the software that comes with it to connect.

Octopus MOD Apk v 6.4 Pro Unlocked Download

Keep in mind that after you’ve finished customizing the Keymap, you’ll need to start the game using the app’s launcher for your modifications to take effect. You just have to set it up once for each game, and the system will remember the Keymap the next time you launch the game.

Several alternatives are available.

Because there are so many different types of games, the control methods for each are likewise somewhat different. Due to the nature of the gameplay, each kind of video game has its unique control mechanism. The navigational keys are on the left in MOBA games, while the skill and action buttons are on the right. In shooting games, there is a unique button layout that is not seen in other types of games. Octopus, who is fully aware of this, sees them as two distinct entities. The program features a range of different control options to assist in easy switching between keyboard and gamepad input. When you activate a mode, the game’s control scheme becomes more user-friendly and clear. Each mode is tailored to a certain kind of game.

Octopus MOD Apk v 6.4 Pro Unlocked Download

a high degree of consensus

Octopus’ excellent system is compatible with a broad variety of peripherals. Octopus is regarded as one of the greatest programs in its category due to its simplicity of use and compatibility with a wide variety of devices. Octopus can help you connect your gamepad to your smartphone for the greatest possible gaming experience, regardless of the controller’s manufacturer.

Octopus MOD Apk v 6.4 Pro Unlocked Download

Octopus now works with the Xbox One, Xbox 360, dual shock 4, IPEGA, and Gamesir gamepads, as well as Logitech, Razer, and a variety of other unbranded gamepads.

It is possible to free up some RAM.

It’s worth noting that RAM (random access memory) is a crucial component of your gaming experience. If there is more free RAM available, the game will operate more smoothly. You may clear your device’s random access memory (RAM) in several methods before starting a game. You don’t have to close all of your applications one by one when you utilize Octopus, which saves you time and effort. The performance of the games will be improved by optimizing the RAM.

Octopus MOD Apk v 6.4 Pro Unlocked Download

For example, CCleaner PRO is a third-party tool that can do this task for you. This program may assist speed up your device’s system in addition to clearing up RAM, allowing you to play games with greater consistency and fluidity.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Before you can connect to their servers, several games need you to turn on your phone’s GPS. This raises concerns about intruding on your personal space. Your app’s makers may collect personal information about you, such as your location, to provide you with advertisements and perform other functions. It’s possible to deny the game access to your GPS data, but you risk making it unusable.

Octopus MOD Apk v 6.4 Pro Unlocked Download

You don’t have to be worried; Octopus is here to assist you. You may continue to play the game without worrying about the app’s GPS simulation invading your privacy. There’s no need to be worried about security since your GPS information is phony.

allows you to record games.

Gamers have taken to YouTube and other social media sites to broadcast videos of themselves playing video games, and a vast number of individuals love doing so. This normally necessitates the use of a third-party screen recording tool. If you’re using Octopus, though, you’ll already be able to record your screen. You have the option to do so even before you start playing. The application will begin recording and storing video to capture and save everything that occurs on screen. You have the option of saving the files to your device’s memory or sharing them right away.

Octopus MOD Apk v 6.4 Pro Unlocked Download

The videos will appear in their original aspect ratios regardless of your device’s screen resolution. The files are also stored as MP4 files, which may be exported to other devices. As a result, editing and sharing your work on social media will be a breeze for you.


Can you provide me with more information on the Octopus app?

Playing games on an Android smartphone may be done using a gamepad or joystick, a mouse, or a keyboard. The touchscreen should be connected to the rest of the system. There is no need to set up a root or an activator!

Is Octopus being compensated in any manner by Google?

After you’ve connected your Octopus Mastercard to the Google Pay app and associated it with your device, you’ll be able to use it to make in-app and in-store purchases with your Android smartphone.

What are the requirements for obtaining an Octopus mobile SIM card, as well as the cost?

The Octopus Mobile SIM card, which is a conventional mobile phone SIM card, also provides electronic payment and value storage functionalities. These features are available via the Octopus Mobile app. These functionalities are available if you have the Octopus app installed. According to Octopus, mobile phones with NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities are compatible. As a consequence, Octopus has also given it a try.

How does Jenkins stack up against his peers in this regard?

Octopus Deploy, for example, is a “Deployment as a Service” solution, but Jenkins belongs to the “Continuous Integration” category. Jenkins and Octopus Deploy are both free and open-source as a result. A list of some of the functions that Jenkins makes available is as follows: There is just a little amount of assembly necessary.

Is it essential to have an octopus without a root?

There is no need to set up a root or an activator! Because Octopus Gaming Engine is compatible with the vast majority of programs and games, you are free to use it to play whatever you choose. In terms of input devices, Octopus is compatible with a broad variety of them.


This software is available to you at no cost. You’ll need to provide Octopus permission to connect with all of the extra programs you download. Because it has to be more inclusive, there are many more rights in this game than in previous games. Instead, you can rest certain that the application will keep any personally identifiable information you save on the device safe and secure at all times. The publisher assures that access privileges will be used only when they are necessary for the program to function correctly. To sync your game data with the software, you must log in to your Google Play account as a last step. You may accomplish this by going to the Google Play website and following the on-screen instructions. Even though the free version is the default, a premium edition of the application is available if you want a better experience. You’ll be able to connect to more games with the pro version, and you’ll have more control over the various customization choices.