Mi Flash Tool 2023 Download [Official] For Windows 11,10,7,8

Mi Flash Tool Official

Mi smartphones are the most widely used smartphones among users because Mi provides the latest features at quite affordable prices as compared to other smartphone brands. But updates in operating systems of smartphones are very fast these days due to which the users also get excited to flash the existing software and enjoy the latest and updated version. Flashing is the process of overwriting or substituting the existing data or firmware on the operating system chip with the upgraded data using a flash box or by other means like USB flashing. Flashing is also done when the operating system of the smartphone gets corrupt. Flashing Box is quite expensive and it is generally used in cases of business related to mobile repairing. Still, if you want to flash your smartphone at a personal level and save some money, you can do flashing without a box. All you need is a PC and good internet connectivity. Mi has also developed its flash tool for personal-level flashing to help its users. Mi Flash Tool 2023 can flash almost all the Mi phones including Qualcomm, MTK, etc, and does not require any activation.

What is Mi Flash Tool

Mi flashing tool is a software to flash the ROM of the Mi smartphones in case of upgrade or repair. Every flashable device or chip has three capabilities – read, write and delete, and flashing is done either by rewriting data over the existing or deleting the older one to facilitate writing the new one. But rewriting the existing data consumes your smartphone’s memory unnecessarily, so, it’s better to replace the older firmware with the newer or upgraded one. Mi flash tool helps to flash different Mi devices with the help of requisite flash files and drivers.

Requirements for Flash Mi or Redmi Mobiles

The following are the basic requirements to flash your Redmi Mobile with the Mi Flash tool:

  • All the required drivers should be installed on your PC.
  • Make sure to unlock the bootloader of your device.
  • The required firmware file for the particular model should be downloaded to prevent any technical glitch during flashing.
  • You should save your important data from your smartphone into some other storage device because flashing may result in loss of data

How to install Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

You will have to follow certain steps to install the Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool on your PC:

Step1: Download the Mi Flash Tool Download

Downloaded Mi Flash Tool Zip

Step 2: Once downloaded, you will have to extract the file of the flash tool. It may take some time.

Extract Mi Flash Tool Zip File

Step 3: Open the Mi flash folder and find the loader application and run it as an administrator using right-click.

Mi Flash Tool exe File to Run Software

Step 4: An icon will appear to ask if you want to allow the app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device, click Yes.

How to flash Redmi or Mi Mobiles

You will have to follow the following steps to flash your Mi mobile with the help of Mi Flash Tool:

Install Drivers
  1. First of all, you have to download three main tools on your PC. These include the ADB tool, MiFlash Tool, and the ROM file of the smartphone you want to flash.
  2. Install the downloaded ADB driver.
  3. Extract the Mi flash tool and ROM file.
  4. From the folder of the Mi Flash tool, open it by a simple command.
  5. Put your smartphone to downloading mode by following these steps – Switch off the mobile phone, press the home key, and volume low button simultaneously and it will vibrate after a few seconds and it will automatically go into downloading mode.
  6. Connect the mobile to the PC using a USB cable.
  7. You will see a refresh icon on your PC screen. Click on that icon and you will see some details that will indicate that your smartphone has been successfully connected to PC.
  8. On the top left side, you will get to see a Select icon to select the ROM file. Click on that icon, you will get into an interface having many folders. You will have to select the folder that will be exactly above the folder naming Image. After selecting it, click on the OK icon below.
  9. You will be shown three commands on your screen below: Clean All, Save User Data, and Clean All and Lock. Now as you have saved your important data earlier, you just click Clean All and then Flash.
  10. Now flashing will start and after completion, your device will get automatically restarted.

Mobiles Supported Mi Flash Tool

Redmi 9i
Redmi 9
Xiaomi Redmi 9 Prime
Redmi 9A
Redmi Note 9
Redmi 8
Xiaomi Mi Play
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max
Redmi Note 9 Pro
Redmi 8A
Redmi 8A Dual
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2
Redmi Note 8 Pro
Redmi Note 7
Redmi 7A
Redmi Note 7S
Redmi Note 7 Pro
Mi Mix 3 5G
Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
Xiaomi Mi Note 10
Xiaomi Mi 10
Redmi K30 5G
Redmi K30
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro


Mi Flash Tool is a cost-efficient flashing software used to upgrade the software versions of your Mi smartphones’ operating systems or remove glitches in operating systems by yourself. It is easy to use and needs just Internet connectivity and a PC. So, Mi Flash Tool made it easy for you to access the newly launched versions of your Mi smartphone OS. So whenever you feel that your Mi smartphone is showing some performance-related drawbacks, you must try flashing it by yourself using your personal computer and the internet.