Metroid Fusion ROM Download GBA FlashAdvance

Metroid Fusion ROM Download GBA FlashAdvance

Metroid Fusion was originally referred to as Metroid 4 and hinted to as Metroid IV while in development. There will be two Metroid games on the GBA. In 2002, a Metroid game was launched for the first time since the 1996 release of Super Metroid. Metroid Fusion’s gameplay is substantially more linear than previous Metroid games. Samus is charged with numerous tasks as a non-playable robot monster named Adam, making free exploration and Sequence Breaking almost impossible until the final game.

As “ambassadors” for the 3DS system, they were given Metroid Fusion and other Game Boy Advance games. The game’s Wii U Virtual Console version was published on April 3, 2014. Metroid Dread was released on October 8, 2021, more than 19 years after Fusion. With the release of Dread, Fusion’s sales on the Nintendo eShop skyrocketed, making it the second most popular Wii U game of the month is June 2021. In its first week of release, Dread was the best-selling book.

Metroid Fusion ROM Download GBA FlashAdvance
Name Metroid Fusion Rom
Publisher Nintendo 
Console Boy Advance 
Language English 
Release Date 2002-10-24

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  • Only two Metroid games (Metroid Dread and Metroid Fusion) enable you to finish the game without acquiring any equipment (only the capacity upgrades count towards the percentage, not the power-ups themselves). Because it was considered that the increase in PYR capacity could not be halted, the minimum was originally set at 1%. Another path, as shown in the picture above, might be completed in near-perfect time. This was accomplished on August 6, 2013, using an original cartridge. This was predicted to need the use of a tool-assisted emulation speedrun software (26 minutes and 50 seconds into the video).
  • For the first time in a long time, Samus’ attention is pulled to the end. At the moment, her visor seemed to be showing digital data.
  • Before the Morph Ball, a missile upgrade was only available in two Metroid games (Fusion and Prime). In both Metroid: Samus Returns and Metroid: Dread, Samus is granted the Morph Ball as her first power-up. The Wave and Ice Beams are the only ones unlocked early in Plasma Beam.
  • Other devices have never recognised Map Stations in Fusion before (discounting Metroid and Metroid II: Return of Samus, which have no map system at all). The next three games are Metroid Prime Hunters, Metroid: Other M, and Samus Returns. Navigation Rooms serve as Map Stations in this game since they quickly download the region’s map when Samus first enters the sector.
  • The only planets where Samus is threatened by the cold temperatures generated by her Metroid DNA are Fusion and Dread. Samus is momentarily paralysed by ice blows in Prime, although the impact is minor, as seen by the absence of the Varia Suit in Prime (unlike the Magmoor Caverns she must go through to get there).
  • Samus takes a lot more damage the first time she enters the Metroid series than in previous games. This game has the most energy tanks since power-ups aren’t included in the item %. When you see SR388 after she’s vanquished the Omega Metroid and fled to her Starship, it doesn’t matter how much time is left on the countdown metre.
  • The last escape sequence in Metroid Fusion is very similar to the Aliens escape scene. Their spacecraft docks at the landing point to rescue the imprisoned heroes in a building/station that is about to explode. Given the genre’s influence on the series, it’s reasonable to assume that the series’ eventual escape was influenced by the Alien franchise. Samus’ last showdown with Omega Metroid is reminiscent of Ripley’s final meeting with the Queen alien in the film.
  • The Xenomorph threat has corrupted Federation leaders, similar to Yutani’s Weyland-like behaviour in the Alien trilogy, which deluded Ellen Ripley about the company’s actual aims.


The plot of the game develops when Samus Aran succumbs to the X Parasites. Doctors create an anti-X vaccination using a cell from Samus’ deceased kid. The X is entirely removed from her system as soon as the serum is made and administered to her. This restores Samus’ health and ammo, as well as her capacity to absorb conventional X without being hurt by it. Samus realises that the X has tainted the field crew’s specimens.

Any organic creature aboard the station might be infected as long as the X can create a flawless replica of its prey’s DNA. Using a Power Bomb to escape Quarantine Bay demonstrates that the SA-X has all of Samus’ enhanced powers because it was conceived from her fully upgraded Power Suit. Despite the risk, Samus chooses to destroy the X using the station’s self-destruct mechanism. She contemplates including the planet SR388 in her explosion to guarantee that both the X on the planet and those on the station are exterminated. When Samus’ spaceship collides with SR388, it destroys both the space station and the planet that surrounds it. Despite her fears of being held accountable for her actions in rejecting the Federation, Samus is reassured by Adam, who states, “One of them will understand.” At the very least, one of them must.


Is Metroid Fusion a reimagining of the original?

Even Zero Mission, the NES recreation of the original Metroid game, demands more series familiarity than you would imagine; Zero Mission plays on the subversion of the familiar, but Fusion is everything but.

 Is Metroid Dread a follow-up to Metroid Fusion?

 Metroid Dread is a direct sequel to Metroid Fusion, which was published in 2002 and was the fourth instalment in the Metroid series’ main story. Nintendo may start by redesigning Fusion for the Switch in order to keep some of the efforts that have been focused on Metroid.

Was there a Metroid Dread game?

 Metroid Dread, the rumoured sequel to Metroid Fusion, has been in the “vaporware” stage for quite some time. But, over two decades later, it has finally become a reality. Really. Metroid Dread will be released for the Nintendo Switch on October 8, according to the firm. 

Is it OK to refer to Metroid as a horror game?

Metroid Dread is a scary game. Even if it won’t make a lasting effect on seasoned horror fans, it’s reasonable to argue that this is Nintendo’s most unsettling video game to date. It has thrilling chase scenes, boss encounters against terrifying animals and some really nasty late-game surprises.

 Is Samus’ armour a permanent part of her?

 Samus Aran’s Power Suit experiences a series of profound alterations in Metroid Fusion, culminating in the construction of the Fusion Suit. It was an unforeseen result of Samus having her armour surgically removed and obtaining the “Metroid” vaccination just as she was about to die from an X Parasite infection. The monster was born as a consequence of this.


This game was developed and released by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance in the year 2002. Samus Aran, a bounty hunter, and her team of explorers travel around the surface of Planet SR388 to gather information. The Fusion Suit, which she now wears instead of the Power Suit, has rendered all of her abilities useless. Visuals in Metroid Fusion are presented in a 2D side-scrolling format. You can acquire the game right now since also offers a huge collection of games for the Game Boy Advance, which you can download right now. Participate in the action and save the world from an invasion by playing the part of Samus Aran, who is the protagonist of the game.