Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass ROM Download | Nintendo DS

Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass ROM Download | Nintendo DS

Nintendo produced and released The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, an action-adventure game for the Nintendo DS. The Wind Waker is the sixteenth Version in the series, having debuted in 2002. Phantom Hourglass was first published in Japan on June 1, 2007, followed by North America on October 1, 2007, and the rest of the world on October 15, 2007. It was finally made accessible in South Korea in April of that year. The game was re-released on the Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console in November 2015, May 2016, and August 2016 outside of North America and Europe. As a result, several adjustments have been made. When Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection was available, you could play online with cel-shaded 3D images and an above-camera perspective using touchscreen and microphone controls. Link and Tetra must work together to board the S.S. Linebeck and join Captain Linebeck and the rest of the crew as Bellum closes in.

The Phantom Hourglass received mostly good reviews from both reviewers and enthusiasts. The internet services themselves, not the management system, were criticized for being too basic. Several magazines, including GameSpot, Gamespy, and IGN, named the game the “Best Nintendo DS Game of the Year.” In its debut month on the Japanese market, Phantom Hourglass sold 302,887 copies, making it the month’s best-selling video game. The game sold 262,800 copies in its first week on the market, making it sixth on a list of the most popular video games in the United States. Phantom Hourglass was believed to have sold 4.13 million copies worldwide as of March 31, 2008.

Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass ROM Download | Nintendo DS
ROMLegend of Zelda, The: Phantom Hourglass
DeveloperNintendo EAD
PredecessorTwilight Princess

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Features of Legend of Zelda, The: Phantom Hourglass


All you have to do to send a Link to a certain location is drag the cursor there. If you aim the pen at him from a distance, he will flee considerably faster. If you aim only a few millimeters away from Link, on the other hand, he will move slowly. Hold the stylus near the screen’s edge to keep Link going in a certain direction. For the time being, Link will continue on his current route.

Involvement in Social Contexts

When you see someone, poking them in the eye with your pen is a terrific approach to start a discussion. Do this activity every time you see someone. To advance the conversation, use the arrow at the bottom of the discussion area. Use social media on a regular basis to meet new individuals. They may be able to provide you with useful information in certain circumstances.

Taking up the role of a naturalist

In addition to being ornamental, planters and barrels, as well as signage, plants, and poultry, all have a practical function. The great majority of these objects are as easy to dispose of as decaying flesh. A pot may be raised over Link’s head by just touching it. Hurl it somewhere specific if you want Link to hold it until you instruct him where to throw it. When Link is carrying too much weight, a snail can’t keep up with him. Because of the force of the toss, these goods often shatter, releasing rupees and hearts. What riches are concealed in these priceless antiquities is unknown. By slicing through the lush greenery or a signpost with your sword, you may be able to access further goodies.


Use the DS as a canvas and the stylus as a brush to solve puzzles, take down notes, or simply scribble down anything that could come in handy later. The DS comes in helpful in this situation since it can be used as both a brush and a canvas. As a reminder from the Walkthrough, rather than depending only on the Walkthrough’s reminders, you should utilize this interactive map as a notepad. Despite its high cost, this laptop is a wonderful choice due to the high level of quality it delivers.

Consumption-related goods and services

The Goods menu, which is placed in the bottom right of the screen, may be used to store items like the Boomerang and yellow potions. A shortcut to the right D-pad button has taken the role of the menu button. Your equipment options will be restricted unless you enter this menu right away. At all times, you can see what you’re wearing in the top left-hand corner of the screen. There is a limit to how much equipment you can carry at any one time.

Press and hold the L or R shoulder buttons until they glow to activate it, or touch the symbol to have Link prepare it. When using the second approach, keep the button pressed until Link utilizes the item; else, it will be saved for later. Shortcuts may be useful as a fighter when you need to swiftly access various weapons.

Navigation of Ships

As a ship’s captain, you’ve been tasked with commanding the vessel, which is a rather straightforward responsibility. An easy approach to do this is to draw a line around the world from one of the ship’s insignia and then confirm your pick when you get to your destination. The ship will navigate itself to its destination if no one directs it. At any time, you have access to all of these choices. Ladies and gentlemen, Linebeck’s lightweight watercraft are capable of sailing over Sea Traps and skimming the sea surface. Your water path does not account for potential hazards such as rocks, aggressive opponents, and other impediments. This is something you should be aware of. Rotate the camera as needed to keep an eye on the activity in front of the ship.

Bring any other items you may need.

The ship was designed to handle every circumstance, in addition to its easy navigation system. You may be able to install a Cannon on your ship later in the game, allowing you to destroy any new dangers that may appear. Additional ship equipment, such as a Salvage Arm, may be purchased to allow you to plunder the waters like a true pirate. Fitting the ship with various Ship Parts is another way to have fun with ship-related stuff while also increasing the ship’s life and enabling it to cruise the seas in style. The appendices include more information.

Searching for Gold

You may be able to dig riches from the ocean floor in the future if you have a Salvage Arm. To collect the buried treasure, the Salvage Arm must be thrown into the water. When this occurs, there is a control panel that can be pushed in any direction to move the Arm and a lever that can be moved upwards or downwards to modify its speed.

The Salvage Arm, which is symbolized by yellow diamonds, has its own healing energy that you can manage, much like everything else in the game. This implies that every time you take damage from an aquatic danger, your durability will be reduced by one yellow diamond. If any of the diamonds are missing, the Arm will no longer function properly. Unlike Linebeck’s ship, though, its health will not be regenerated rapidly after damage. If you bring the Salvage Arm in, the shipyard mechanic will cheerfully repair it for fifty Rupees. Damage to the Arm that makes it non-operational will result in an additional cost (100 Rupees) (100 Rupees). Shrewd salvagers must exercise care when working with sensitive technology or they risk losing a considerable amount of money. In contrast, if you perform well, they’ll pay you back twice the money they put in you.


What is the Phantom Hourglass’s purpose?

To get beyond the Temple of the Ocean King in the game, you’ll need the Phantom Hourglass, which comes pre-filled with ten minutes’ worth of Sand of Hours. As long as the Sand of Hours is confined inside the shield’s top half, Link is safe from the temple’s life-stealing curse.

Is playing Phantom Hourglass worthwhile?

It would be more accurate to give it an eight or nine out of ten. To get the most out of this game, it is advised that you play it after you have finished many prior Zelda games.

Is it preferable to play Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass?

While some gamers say the dungeons in Spirit Tracks are better, others believe the overworld in Phantom Hourglass is superior. Because each overworld can only move like a boat or train, perspectives on how much freedom of movement and pleasure it provides when traveling along the overworld’s predetermined tracks may differ.

Is it possible to achieve all of your Phantom Hourglass objectives?

In this way, Phantom Hourglass stands apart from the rest of the Zelda franchise. The Legend of Zelda game is well-known for its unique traits. When the game was first released, it was made with fans in mind, but because of its unique design, it has evolved into an experience that anybody can enjoy.

Is Princess Zelda in Phantom Hourglass?

Phantom Hourglass, like The Wind Waker, gives Link and Zelda a similar aesthetic. According to Aonuma during the 2007 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Phantom Hourglass “opened up the [Zelda] series and [gave] a new, distinct control approach to the conventional Zelda premise.”


All we can do right now is vomit forth our final ideas before getting buried alive by the Phantom Hourglass’ huge pile of captivating gameplay.

The Phantom Hourglass, which has fascinating mountain gameplay that will have you going back for more, is likely to provide similar results. As you can see, the design team was able to include both the good and poor aspects of The Wind Waker into this game, which is a fantastic achievement for a scaled-down Zelda game. Even more impressive is the fact that they were able to create a game that works well with the DS’s built-in software and hardware.

As a consequence, there are various issues with The Phantom Hourglass; for example, due to the hourglass’s titular timing, Link is granted a limited amount of time to accomplish the game’s most challenging dungeon, The Home of the Ocean King. The hourglass is a blatant and irritating attempt in the dungeon proper to add tension to the situation by limiting the players to a particular amount of time before they perish. In the dungeon’s design, stealth gaming takes precedence over problem-solving.

Regardless, The Phantom Hourglass is an excellent Nintendo DS game that everyone should get. If you want to avoid games like Nintendogs, only Mario, Advance Wars, and Castlevania can rival in terms of quality with The Phantom Hourglass. There aren’t many must-have games available, even for die-hard players. You’ll have to stick to Mario, Advance Wars, and Castlevania to avoid games like Nintendogs.