GTA 5 Mobile Apk + OBB File Download Latest Version

GTA 5 Mobile Apk + OBB File Download Latest Version

Hey, are you surfing the net for the most popular game of the time which is loved by most of the audience and game lovers? If yes, then hold your finger tightly to the running screen because we are here in one of the most adventurous and fantastic gameplay called GTA 5. GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto, one of the most popular games which is sufficient enough to hold the engagement of gamers. Later, this game was only available for the PC version which is what many people lack in experiencing real GTA 5 gameplay. But now, it has gained a potential update, The game is available for both the Android and Ios versions. You can easily download the application on your device and start playing this adventurous game. There are lots of series of GTA 5 which was popular in our childhood and all the series has gained the latest updates and advancement in technology to make it more realistic for gamers. This is the reason, the game still has a huge fan base. The game has created a fan base since 1997 which was the GTA’s first game. In 2008 GTA IV was released. The gameplay is a gangster game like vice city which is now ready to run in the Android and Ios versions. You don’t have to invest your money in Xbox, and PlayStation. The game is available in its beta version but it doesn’t create any issues in performing the gameplay. The developer of the game included high-quality graphics, so to experience smooth gameplay, you must have a good performer device. The game is not available in the Google play store because it is not a licensed application and is termed as a third-party device. But don’t worry we’ll provide you with everything later in the article. We will introduce you to the downloading link of the application both for Android and Ios.

What is GTA 5 Mobile Apk?

GTA 5 Mobile Apk + OBB File Download Latest Version
Application NameGTA 5 Apk
CategoryAction games
DeveloperRockstar games
Apk TypeMOD
UpdateLatest version

GTA 5 is one of the most fantastic adventurous games which is not available in the mobile version too. It is the latest advancement in the gaming era because, later, this game was only available for PC, Playstation, etc. For those who don’t have a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, but their overall desire to experience the gameplay of the GTA series. They can easily download the mobile version of GTA 5 and enter the gameplay. The game is very popular since the first series that’s why now it has acquired the 5th series because of the love and support of the huge fan base. It delivers lots of adventurous missions to grab the attention of the gamers and in order to get good rewards, you have to complete all those missions in a stipulated time. GTA 5 contains 5 different characters and each character has a different capability and quality to attend weapons. The game will reinvent your childhood memory by bringing you through the fascinating adventurous game. The game has fighting criminals and police, where you can walk freely in a small town wherever you want. Because of the great graphics of the game, it controls the user’s behavior and pushes them to sit for a long time. As we have discussed the game will make you feel more realistic, where you will attend lots of violence, racing, drugs, etc which is usually seen in the real life. Your character will be always controlled by the police and they will stop you from doing violation of any rules or players in the gameplay. It has broken many sales records in the gaming industry and received great support from people. From my point of view, the main reason for gaining a complement to GTA is its high-quality graphics.

GTA 5 Mobile Apk + OBB File Download Latest Version

Due to the extreme level of graphics in the game, it requires a high-end device to cope with the quality graphics. It ensures you a realistic configuration of the game. The character is beautifully invested in GTA 5. This beautiful game is developed by Rockstar games and launched its beta version for the Mobile device. It is a 100% working application that was launched in November 2022. The game requires an Android version of 4.4+ to easily run gaming applications. It brings new excitement and experiment for all game lovers. It’s a great chance to enjoy the enhanced configuration of GTA 5 by simply downloading the application.

Features of GTA 5 Mobile Apk

Some of the great features of GTA 5 are collected in the article.

GTA 5 Mobile Apk + OBB File Download Latest Version
  • The developer of the game has generated a huge map in GTA 5 and included many towns, cities, deserts, oceans, mountains, etc where you can easily roam in the Map area, which is about 70Sq KM. The good is you will never feel bored exploring these areas.
  • If you are vehicles lovers, the gameplay is going to impress you more. It has a collection of different types of vehicles such as helicopters, airplanes, cars, bikes, etc. You are free to choose any vehicle of your favorite and explore whatever you want.
  • GTA 5 has sorted potential weapons to make the gameplay more explosive. It has advancements in special characters such as short, blast, silencer, rifles, etc.
  • The graphics of the game is really very impressive and this has made the whole gameplay smooth and performable. All you need is a good performer device.
  • It features multiplayer mode like the GTA 4 series but comes with more features where you will see yourself a level up.

How to download and Install GTA 5 Mobile Apk?

Before going for the installation process, let me aware you, the file size of the game is quite large, and to install the application on your device hassle-free, you must be well with your device/ equipment. I suggest you go with the device which has quite high storage. The capacity is quite large and no doubt it requires a high-end device. It the absolve criteria are fulfilled, here are the downloading steps.

GTA 5 Mobile Apk + OBB File Download Latest Version
  • You have to first download the GTA 5 file in your phone storage, and to successfully download the application you may follow our page link.
  • Open the Google play store and download the Es file explorer application to extract the data file of the folder.
  • You will find GTA 5 data ZIP file in the file explorer where you have to create a new folder and extract your file in it.
  • Now, you can directly go to install the application on your device.
  • Once, the installation gets done, you can start enjoying the gameplay.


If you are a game enthusiast, you should play this exciting game of all time. The whole gameplay will take you through a wonderful experience. The graphics of the game are entertaining and realistic. The game is totally fun of fun which is why people want to invest their quality time and look for a fantastic game. Hope we are capable of writing all your requirements, If we missed something, describe it in the comment section.