Granny MOD Menu Apk v1.9 (God Mode) Download

Granny Mod Apk Download

Granny mod Menu apk is a new haunted game that makes you afraid of a house. The house is also called Granny’s house. You have to collect things to find a way out of the house but you have to be very careful because if the Granny wakes up then you will be killed by a bat. The Granny will make sure that you will be dead on the way out of his house. Basically, it’s a nightmare where you have to escape from her house without making any noise. The Granny has a special feature of senses. So you have to be very careful and collect keys to unlock the doors.

Granny MOD Menu Hack Apk

Granny MOD Apk Download
App NameGranny God MOD
Root RequiredNo
Device SupportedAndroid
SizeVaries with device

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What is Granny Mod Menu Hack apk?

Granny mod apk is a horror game where you have to escape from her house. In this game, you have 5 days to escape without disturbing Granny. You don’t have to disturb the “sweet” Granny till your way out of the house otherwise she will find you everywhere and if you will be found by Granny then she will kill you. You can hide in the cupboard or you can hide under the bed or anywhere you stay safe. 

Isn’t this a superb game? Don’t you think you have to try this game at least once? The best part of this game is the GRANNY who is thirsty for your blood. The Ganny has special senses of hearing and smelling which can make trouble in your way to escape but you have to be super quiet in your way to escape. You have to make a distance from the noisy thing which can put you in trouble. In the case of carelessness, you should hide before the Granny notices you and kill you by the bat. Explore the house, collect the keys or things to open the door, and make your nightmare free of this scary Granny. This house also has some screams which may scare you.

Install this awesome game and try some scary escape from Granny’s house.

How to install granny apk in Android

Step1: Go to setting and on the Unknown Sources

Granny MOD Menu Apk v1.9 (God Mode) Download Granny MOD Apk

Step2: Download granny apk by the link given above and go to the download

Step3: Click on the granny apk and it shows the installation wizard click install button on it

Step4: After click on the install button you are ready to go your app is installed

Feature of granny apk 

  • Like the other game, this game is not boring. This is the scariest game that can beat any other game.
  • If you drop anything in the hose, then you have to pay it with your death. This is the most interesting part of this game.
  • In this game, you will find new things which can help you to escape from the scary House.
  • This fantastic game is also available for the Android version.
  • You can protect yourself by hiding anywhere and by not making noise. 
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