GB Instagram Apk v9.1 Latest Version Download

Gb Instagram Apk Download

As we all know, the most trending app to connect people worldwide nowadays is Instagram. There are billions of people using Instagram to share photos, stories and videos of them to their audience. After being used by billions of people there is no denying that Instagram is the most popular social platform. This is the second most popular social media after Facebook. The reason behind this much popularity is, Instagram gives opportunities to spread business, knowledge and talent to so many celebrities, entrepreneurs and also common people.

In the above glimpse of the advantages of Instagram, the biggest disadvantage of this app is that no one can download shared photos, videos and stories, zoom in to see profile photos, star your messages and many other disabled features. GB Instagram APK is continuously becoming popular day by day because it has a lot of additional features than Instagram. It provides better access to download features through the original site. This is the modified app of Instagram so anyone can install this from Google on your Android, iOS and Windows devices.

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GB Instagram Apk v9.1 Latest Version Download
App NameGB Instagram
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is GB Instagram

GB Instagram Apk v9.1 Latest Version Download

From the introduction of GB Instagram, we got to know that this is the modified version of the official Instagram app with a lot of features. In the process of modification, developers have done reverse engineering and extracted code from the original file and modified them to enable more advanced features. There are no additional charges to install or use the GB Instagram app. This can be used just like the official app. It is giving us a new experience of using Instagram. It is an amazing app with additional tools like download media, hide your presence, you can also hide your typing status, star your message, zoom in on the profile picture and many other such kinds of phenomenal components. After the addition of this many tools, GB Instagram became much more exciting. This latest version is free for all devices. You can save videos and photos in full resolution quality.

Features of GB Instagram

The most enhanced version of Instagram is available now in the form of GB Instagram on your phone. Below are the detailed features of the app.

Easy download shared memories.

The most fascinating feature of GB Instagram is, we can download shared photos, videos and stories. In the original Instagram app, the best feature which was not available is that nobody can download any shared media. Even not their stories. So GB Instagram is giving us this amazing feature.

No ads 

GB Instagram gives features like no more advertisement between your feeds. While scrolling on Instagram we all face the problem of continuous advertisement. And this leads to less satisfaction while surfing.  The modded version of Instagram has this time-saving quality.

Dark mode

It also has a dark mode enabled feature. We all love the feature of dark mode in WhatsApp but this is not present in Instagram yet. This new feature will definitely be liked by you all.

Hide your online presence

It can hide view stories which means your name won’t appear on anyone’s story after you see it. This latest feature does not let anyone be noticed by their followers.

Zoom in anyone’s profile photo

You can zoom profile pictures. It is giving more clarity with photos in the process to know someone instantly without getting in their profile.

Copy and paste bios

You can copy and paste anyone’s captions and comments. It happens sometimes that we like anyone’s caption or bios or any comment but we cannot copy from there and we have to type all those words. GB Instagram is relieving you from this boring feature by letting you post without typing.

Dual Instagram  on one account

It also enables two Instagram accounts on one phone. The previous app does not allow one to use one account for business and private needs. You can use both private and business accounts only in one single app. 

Automatic translator

It has an auto translator for so many different languages. Now Instagram has become global social media and people post in their native languages too. So just to comprehend the post in different languages, this automatic translator translates all words in English and by this we never miss any information because of language insufficiency.

Tons of themes

There are a lot of themes available. Everybody likes the theme but the official Instagram app only has a few themes available. Modded version giving you tons of themes to use and enjoy conversations with your favourite theme.

No ban issue

From the description of the GB Instagram app, you are surely worried about your account safety but do not worry because Instagram authorities will never ban your account. This is a kind of valid or you can say legitimate version.

Do not need to root your device

Most of the time third-party apps root your mobile phone cause they require a root process. But the modified version works properly without this rooting process of the device.

 Customise font

Although this app does not only give you a bunch of themes it also has different types of font options to choose from. You can select your desired font from this customisation font feature.

Star your message

Starring messages is only available in a few apps yet. After star or marking a message, we cannot lose track of our message and use that later. It is only present in GB Instagram. This marking feature assists us in tracking our messages.

FAQ of GB Instagram

Is GB Instagram safe?

 This is not 100% safe.  As the developers of this app used real official app codes just to get advanced features. But you can use it. This is just like an official app with advanced features.

What is the quality of downloaded images and videos?

The downloaded images and videos will be in full resolution quality.

What is the full form of GB Instagram?

The GB in Instagram stands for ‘gigabyte’. GB WhatsApp, GB Facebook etc. are the other apps having GB in their name.

From where we can download GB Instagram?  

GB Instagram is not the official app and this is not available on Google Play Store so anyone can download this app from many given links on different websites.

How to download the GB Instagram app?

You can install this app just like any other app. As this is not available on Google Play Store you can install it from links. Click the download link of the latest version of GB Instagram, then download it like any other app.

Can I have access to this app through Facebook?

Yes, you can access this app through Facebook too, you just use it as the official Instagram. You log in with your Facebook account as we do on official Instagram.

Can a person use both the official and GB Instagram on one device?

Yes, you can. These are two different apps.


We have discussed all the effective and most innovative features of GB Instagram. You have a lot of extra features in this app and get more access to social media. By using this easy-going app, you will enjoy fun features for free. You can customize your Instagram as much as you want by customization in font, theme, dark and light modes etc. It is one of the prominent apps to fulfil your desires in a better app.  More the benefits apps have, the more they will grow. And it is growing because of its beneficiary features. Download it to get and enjoy more features than Instagram.