FIFA Street 2 ROM PSP Latest Version Download

FIFA Street 2 ROM PSP Latest Version Download

In 2006, E.A. Sports released FIFA Street 2. It followed the wildly successful FIFA Street series. New techniques, called “trick stick rhythm,” were shown using original feats. The video game was ported to a wide range of platforms after its initial release, including the GameCube, Nintendo D.S., PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox, and even mobile phones. The game’s box has many photographs of Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese footballer who plays on the international stage.

Reviews of FIFA Street on home consoles were mixed since critics didn’t like the changes made to the game compared to its predecessor. The Nintendo D.S. portable versions did not sell as well as the home console versions since they lacked the extra functionality.

FIFA Street 2 ROM PSP Latest Version Download
ROMFIFA Street 2
Developer Exient Entertainment,
Publisher EA Sports Big, Electronic Arts
CategorySports Game
Version Latest 

Gameplay of FIFA Street 2 ROM

Electronic Arts develop and publishes an annual series of computer games based on association football; these titles are currently known as FIFA but will be rebranded as E.A. Sports F.C. in 2023. The FIFA Football series is another name for these video games. These competitions are often referred to by the initials “FIFA” (which stands for “Federation Internationale de Football Association”). The FIFA series has been localized into 18 more tongues, allowing it to be played in 51 nations across the globe.

 Since 1993, the FIFA series has sold over 325 million copies as of 2021. As a result, it has become the best-selling sports video game series in Guinness World Records history. The episodes revolve around the World Cup, a competition for professional football players. The 30-year partnership between E.A. and FIFA will officially conclude on July 12, 2023. The series will now be known as E.A. Sports F.C., according to an official press release dated May 10, 2022. The final day of the relationship was May 10. The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) is teaming up with a new video game developer to create what they’re calling “the authentic FIFA game.”

Tehkan World Cup, Sensible Soccer, Kick Off, and Match Day were all in the works since the late 1980s when E.A. Sports said they would produce a football game in 2016. The game was the sixth football game published by E.A. Sports. Earlier this month, E.A. Sports revealed that their next video game would be a football simulation. The company has confirmed the next E.A. Sports game will be a football sim. This series is essential because FIFA International Soccer, the first game in the series, was the first video game officially licensed by FIFA, the organization that controls football worldwide. The business world had never seen anything like it before, and released on the Sega Mega Drive in the second part of 1993.

 Creators E.A. Sports also granted the first-ever formal license for the franchise. In addition to the main series, many spinoffs have been made. Competitions for the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA European Football Championship are all part of this category. The sport has also inspired a slew of tactical simulations. The FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA European Football Championship are all examples of such tournaments. There have been several video games published that are not part of the main series. When it comes to video games, Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series has been the most formidable rival of the brand ever since it debuted in the early 1990s (now known as eFootball).

Forwards Sam Kerr of Chelsea Women’s Football and Kylian Mbappé of Paris Saint-Germain have taken up the FIFA spokesperson roles formerly held by David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, respectively. While Kerr represents the Chelsea Women’s team, Mbappé plays for Paris Saint-Germain. Not a single another female soccer player in the history of the game has ever been featured on the front cover anywhere in the globe, not even Kerr. Certainly not Kerr. Numerous advertisements and other promotional materials have featured Mbappé since FIFA 22. The series’ front cover has featured him for the last three consecutive years.

 He takes over for Eden Hazard, who starred in FIFA 20. He is a part of Real Madrid’s squad. The previous leader was also called Hazard. From FIFA 13 to FIFA 16, Lionel Messi has graced the cover of every installment in the series. Seven different FIFA titles, from FIFA 06 through FIFA 12, have featured Wayne Rooney on their cover art. Ronaldinho has been featured on the covers of FIFA Football 2004, FIFA Street, and FIFA Street 3, in addition to featuring in four games with Wayne Rooney (FIFA 06–FIFA 09). In FIFA Street 2, Ronaldinho was featured prominently on the front cover. Kevin de Bruyne, Marco Reus, Hazard, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Paulo Dybala, and Kylian Mbappé are just some players that have graced the cover of FIFA Mobile since its inception in 2016.

Over the course of the first week of its release, more than 3.2 million copies of FIFA 12 were sold, generating over $186 million in sales. As a result, it has been called “the sports video game that has sold the most copies in its history.” FIFA 23, the newest installment in the series, was released on September 30, 2022, and can be played all around the globe. It works with P.C.s, Macs, Linux, and Chromebooks, as well as consoles, including the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and even Stadia. 

A player who captains his country’s national football team in four-on-four events aiming to achieve a particular number of goals or points by fooling the opponent or in a certain length. You may play the game in a few different ways. In Rule of the Streets’ career mode, users create their own characters and then send them out to tournaments all around the globe to compete for “Skill Bills.”

 Some players spend their “Skill Bills” on flashier clothing to improve their overall rating. To compete at the top levels internationally, players must hone their talents to the point where they can lead their street football team as captains. Only the most proficient players are capable of pulling off signature maneuvers. One of these procedures is often referred to by the player’s name.You may play as Pele, Zico, or Carlos Alberto Torres, among other legendary soccer players, at specific points during the game.

As a former D.J. for BBC Radio 1, video game protagonist Zane Lowe now hosts the game’s radio station. Artists as diverse as Roots Manuva, Sway, Pendulum, Editors, and The Subways have aired songs on this radio station.

Features of FIFA Street 2 ROM

Dribbling has been made more difficult in FIFA Street 2 to raise the game’s difficulty. Moreover, passes now have power bars. The strength gauge may be customized to suit the user’s individual needs. The game has club crests for a number of European teams, including PSV, Ajax, and Feyenoord, three of the most well-known clubs in the Netherlands. The reality is that this is how things stood, even though the game had been released long before there was even a formal Dutch league (they were under the “Rest of World” header). 

The Swiss Super League is also making its maiden appearance as a participant in this competition. However, the Greek League will be sending no representatives. The incorporation of a card-based incentive system was made possible by acquiring a license from Panini. Within this framework, a player may get a “star player card” based on their performance in a tournament. 

The next stage comprises games that serve as qualifiers for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. (Europe, Asia, Oceania). This game aims to improve the FIFA ranking of the team the player has selected by competing in international exhibition matches with that squad. In addition, there will be a match between the 2006 World Cup qualifying nations and the rest of the world. It doesn’t matter whether a player is on more than one national team; they may still participate in the regional qualifying tournaments for both zones (except for Oceania and Africa, whose confederations are not represented in total).

In 2002, the JFA gave Konami the exclusive rights to use the Japanese national team’s roster and likeness in football video games. Since then, FIFA and any other game developer have been barred from using the team’s likeness or registration. Except for Electronic Arts’ World Cup spinoffs, almost every other game was focused on the main event. 

Electronic Arts’ World Cup spinoffs are the only games permitted to deviate from this Rule (Japanese players in other markets continued to be featured in the series, however, until FIFA 17). Except for FIFA Street 2, the Japanese national team has appeared in every FIFA main series game.

FAQs of FIFA Street 2 ROM

What is a FIFA street?

FIFA Street was created by the same firm that created the well-known EA SPORTS FIFA series. It has a plethora of authentic street dribbling tactics and trickery designed to lead to head-to-head clashes. FIFA Street takes advantage of the gaming engine that helped make FIFA so popular.

Can FIFA Street 2 be played on PSP and PS3?

This is doable and has been done previously, but considerable modifications and special firmware are required. Almost all of my PS3 titles, as well as my PSP games, can be played on both platforms.


Metacritic’s review summary describes the game’s reception as “mixed,” with only the D.S. version receiving “unfavourable” scores.

In an article, the A.V. Club compared fighting lying with a lousy effort at physical comedy. Once your paralysis wears off, you’ll realize that you can’t stop yourself from falling. The Times rated the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 versions at just 3/5 stars and noted that the game “fails in one key way: the art of defence.” Critics have pointed out that the game lacks essential elements in the “art of defence.”