Episode Mod Apk v15.70 (Free Premium Choices)

Episode - Choose Your Story Mod Apk

Role Play games (RPGs) are an intelligent type of play where members expect the jobs of characters in an anecdotal setting. RPGs can take on many structures, going from organized game meetings with standard game mechanics to unconstrained narration prodded on by the creative mind of the players and DM. Computer games and portable applications (and music and films, and TV shows) are presently more famous than any other time in recent memory. The normal American invests more energy in gaming today than they do partake in some other type of media. Computer games can be an extraordinary wellspring of amusement, just as a potential passage to new encounters, thoughts, and societies. Computer games have been around for a very long time and it is simply improving as time passes. The computer game frenzy of 2017 is a past correlation, we can barely recall when we were not playing or discussing computer games. There are various sorts of computer games out there for various age gatherings and everyone has their own one-of-a-kind style of play. In this article, we will be discussing a popular game in the genre of Role Play Gaming (RPGs). So without wasting any further time let us dive straight into the blog and explore in-depth the game called Episode: Choose Your Story.

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Episode Mod Apk v15.70 (Free Premium Choices)
App NameEpisode Mod Apk
DeveloperEpisode Interactive
Root RequiredNo
Required Android6.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

Motive of Episode: Choose Your Story

Episode Mod Apk v15.70 (Free Premium Choices)

Episode Choose Your Story App allows you to experience your accounts with adoration, sentiment, experience, and show. Wouldn’t it be astonishing if you were a person in your cherished story? Episode: Choose Your Story allows you to do exactly that with more than 150,000 grasping stories, where you settle on decisions that matter. With billions of peruses and 150,000+ stories, Episode: Choose Your Story is a massive assortment of intelligent stories where YOU pick your fate. Or then again become a maker and compose your own! The Episode: Choose Your Story application is a pretending application that has an assortment of intuitive stories intended to accommodate perusers a connection with and novel experience. Stories incorporate types like a secret, sentiment, catastrophe, and show, and a wide assortment of stories inside the class, each with their own arrangement of decisions to make. Perusers can plan and tweak their symbol with various outfits and elements. As the Episode application is intelligent, perusers can draw in with various characters, creating connections through the decisions they make, which affects the way and result of the story. Inside the Episode: Choose Your Story application, there is a large number of various stories and circumstances to work out. Moreover, for the more inventive psyche, Episode: Choose Your Story likewise permits clients to compose and distribute their own accounts on the application.

Main Features of Episode: Choose your story

In this segment of the blog we are going to discuss the various key features of the game Episode: Choose Your Story, so stay with us through the section of this blog to explore the various features that you will find handy while exploring the avenues in the game.

Customize looks of your character

So you need to make your character/avatar resemble a genuine hotshot. It’s conceivable, you can easily define the body shape, skin tone, face cut, lips shape, hairstyle, the shape of the nose, colour of the eyes, and other makeup apparel for the avatar. This game lets you live your fantasies to the fullest. Beautify your character just like you dreamt to look at your ideal date. There are more than a bunch of beautification options available in the app for every character. You can pick up any of the base characters and start customizing them. You also have to name your avatar before the game kicks off!

Episode Mod Apk v15.70 (Free Premium Choices)

Design your outfits

Game characters are turning out to be increasingly practical, which is an astounding accomplishment for the whole gaming industry. The game business has seen many changes in a couple of years. You can’t play a game without illustrations or sound any longer. Then again, games are more sensitive than any other time in recent memory with excellent 3D delivery. Game characters’ garments are additionally improving and better since they should be attractive for the players so they will continue to play. Making a lovely outfit for your game person isn’t just with regards to looking great, yet in addition, guaranteeing that it looks useful and stays inside the limits of the game’s styles. The word ‘style’ is frequently connected with design, however, there are numerous alternate manners by which style can be applied to characters in games. Similar standards apply whether we’re looking at making a singular person or an entire cast of characters. Each extraordinary avatar has its own exceptional character thus they need to seem as though they are helping their character through their outfits.

Develop relationship with other characters of the games

Your choices at any given time are going to heavily impact your relations with the other characters in the game. The possibilities start branching out in quite different directions with each choice made. So it’s good to maintain a healthy relationship with every character and play strategically while giving more attention to the character you are hitting on.

Change the destiny with your choices

There is no fixed destiny or climax of the story in the game. The endings are mostly going to be decided based on the different choices you have made in the game. So yes, at any given point in time you can change your destiny with any character. Even if in the midst of the story you start feeling like hitting on another character, you can swiftly try, by making the biased choices for him/her from the next time.

Explore all the possible unique ending for your story

As put up above already, your choices at every point in time are going to impact your storyline for a long duration of time. This also means that you can always explore various possible endings of your story by making different choices at different instances in the story.

Live the life in a thousand universe with all the newly released stories

There are more than 1,50,000 gripping stories on Episode: Choose Your Story, with more than a billion reads. And on top of this, new stories are added to the game every week. With all this, you get so many choices to choose your theme according to your fantasy and play your story you want to.

What are our favourite stories available as of now

  • BEHIND HIS MASK: How off-base can a kiss get? One, he’s your new neighbor. Two, he’s the most well known decoration. Three, it was live gushed before a large number of individuals unintentionally…
  • You’ve been chosen to join LOVE ON FIRE, a definitive dating contest. You’ll live in an extravagant oceanfront manor with other hot singles and search for your genuine romance!
  • PRIVATE LESSONS: Your new neighbor is just a burden! He’s charming, shrewd, athletic and after a misconception between your folks, you’re currently his private guide! Things get extreme when you two acknowledge you’re scholastic adversaries for the main spot left at your fantasy college!
  • RULE BREAKER: Find out what happens when you begin squashing on somebody who’s actually “untouchable”. Will you seek after that heartfelt flash? 
  • Getting FEELINGS: Best companions perpetually, yet presently things among you and him are suddenly…changing. What’s more, it’s energizing. You don’t need it to stop. In any case, can you at any point return once you go too far?


What is the minimum age limit advised for the game?

The minimum age limit advised for the players is 17 years. Although the game contains nothing sexual, there may be instances of intimacy and double-meaning talks that might not be suitable for the mental status of a child. This is the reason why the minimum age limit stands at 17 years.

Are there premium versions available for this Game Of Episode: Choose Your Story?

Yes, there are premium notches available for the game, by paying the subscription fee (which is mostly a matter of change) you can easily buy the unlimited edition of the app. This will help you to play the game without any restrictions.

How can we play the game on Windows PC and MacOs?

To have it yourself on your PC Mac or PC, you simply need to follow the means underneath : 

  • Download and Install Bluestacks (best proposal for Windows). Of course, you can use Memu or Nox (suggested for macOS). 
  • Register your new or sign in with your old Gmail/Google Play record to save the advancement of the storyline. 
  • Go to the pursuit encase the emulator and type “Choices: Stories You Play” 
  • Snap the “Present” button near the game and hold on for the apk to finish the most common way of downloading. 
  • That is it, click Play! Like Choices: Stories You Play for your workspace/PC!


Episode: Choose Your Story is a truly convincing game and we trust it finds its approach to your cell phone as well. You can get this application on the App Store and Play Store and begin playing today! We realize you will appreciate it however much we did. Also, if you like the blog please do share this with your friends and let them know about this amazing game. Furthermore, in the event that you have any inquiries, kindly go ahead and ask them in the remarks beneath. Till sometime later, farewell!