Chrono Trigger ROM Download | Super Nintendo (SNES)

Chrono Trigger ROM Download | Super Nintendo (SNES)

Chrono Trigger, a role-playing video game, was released in 1995 by Square. The game’s creation and marketing were under Square’s control. The Chrono video game series was initially made accessible on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The “Dream Team” at Square that worked on this game included Akira Toriyama, who developed the Dragon Ball manga series and the characters for Dragon Quest. As members of Square’s “Dream Team,” Hironobu Sakaguchi, Yuji Horii, and Hironobu Sakaguchi worked together to create the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Final Fantasy VII series. Before being unwell, the video game’s composer wrote most of the music; the remaining tracks were then sent to Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. The music for the Final Fantasy series, composed by Nobuo Uematsu with lyrics by Masato Kato, was produced under the direction of Kazuhiko Aoki. The game’s plot centres on a band of brave warriors who try to travel across time to avert a worldwide calamity.

One of the finest video games ever produced, Chrono Trigger’s first release was a huge financial success for its developers and publishers. Some of the game’s features were dubbed “revolutionary” by Nintendo Power, a publication dedicated to video games. The game also included stunning graphics, a unique combat system, and several endings and outcomes that could be achieved via story-related side tasks that emphasized character development.

2.65 million copies of Chrono Trigger have been sold worldwide as of the end of March 2003. It was the second-most popular video game in Japan in 1995. As of the first of February 2018, in several countries throughout the globe, the game has sold over 3.5 million copies.

Chrono Trigger ROM Download | Super Nintendo (SNES)
NameChrono Trigger ROM
Compatible withAndroid 4.2+
Last version2.1.1
CategoryRole Playing
DeveloperSQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.

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In 1999, Square launched the PlayStation adaptation of the Tose video game. This version finally appeared in Final Fantasy Chronicles (2001), published in the US under that name. A port of Final Fantasy IV was included in the box. Chrono Trigger was re-released for the Nintendo DS in 2008 for North America, Japan, and Europe and 2009 for the rest of the world with significant changes made by Tose. Both of these results were made possible by Tose’s efforts. In addition to being downloaded on i-mode, the Virtual Console, PlayStation Network, iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows, the game has been ported to various other platforms.


Chrono Trigger’s gameplay is similar to older role-playing video games. The two-dimensional landscape of the game has several different kinds of towns, dungeons, and wood. The game’s heroine and her friends are under the player’s control. A map may be used to travel the overworld. Smaller-scale aerial images are used to create this kind of map. Players may interact with the locals in more realistically scaled-down locations, such as woodlands, towns, and other places, to get goods and services, do puzzles and chores, or engage in combat with other players. Chrono Trigger’s enemies are either obvious on the field maps or wait to ambush the group, in contrast to the traditional Japanese role-playing games. The gameplay of Chrono Trigger is different from those of traditional Japanese role-playing games in this regard (RPGs). When an adversary approaches you in the middle of an open field area, combat will begin, but it won’t begin on a separate screen only for fighting; it will begin there.

The main character, Crono, is surrounded by three adversaries called “Blue Imps” in this Super NES level with a forest backdrop, two grey status bars (one at the top and one at the bottom), and Crono slashing at the highest imp while gazing in wonder.

Both sides in a conflict have the power to physically and magically harm their enemies. After being harmed, a player may choose to use items for defense or healing. A character’s health is reduced when an attack successfully connects with them and causes harm. With potions and spells, these health points may be recovered. Each player character and enemy is given a random amount of hit points during the game. The game will terminate, and a player will lose all their life if they run out of hit points. As long as no plot-related concerns need or permit the player to lose, all of the player’s characters must be resurrected from a previous saved chapter if they are all slain in combat. Only on this occasion will the game ever conclude in this manner. Players may equip their characters with various goods, including weapons, armor, helmets, and other gear that provides unique bonuses during downtime (such as greater attack power or resistance to magic). Convenient consumables may be utilized before, during, or after a battle, depending on the player’s requirements. At times, treasure chests, equipment, and virtual items may be found on field atlases or purchased from stores. Players in the Chrono Trigger game must go to several locales and participate in various monster encounters.

One of Chrono Trigger’s gameplay features is “Active Time Battle,” which is called “Active Time Battle 2.0.” Ito invented this method for Final Fantasy IV, and Square Enix has used it in every Final Fantasy game. Depending on their speed characteristic, a character may start a fight when their countdown is about to expire. “Techs,” which are computer programs, control both magical and physical capabilities. Before using any technology, the character must exhaust all their magic points, which work similarly to health points. Technicians often focus on a select few important subjects. When targets are clustered together rather than spread out along a line, several spells deal more damage to them. Enemies being grouped may help explain the discrepancy in damage output by making them more vulnerable to assault. The enemy’s shifting locations during combat provide opportunities for the tactical use of technology. The Tech system, which in Chrono Trigger allows for a broad range of cooperative play approaches, is one of the game’s unique elements. A character may increase their total power by combining their Techs with the abilities of other characters to generate Double and Triple Techs. Flame Whirl combines the sword-turning Cyclone Tech of Crono with the Flame Toss of Lucca. Combining the unique talents that each character has to give enables this. You’ll need enough magic points and the appropriate Techs if a combination of the two is feasible. The game will automatically provide it as an option whenever there are sufficient magic points.

Chrono Trigger differs from earlier video games because it allows players to travel through time. The planet will be affected by early game decisions and throughout the game’s seven different historical eras. The player is tasked with locating well-known historical adversaries, performing side tasks, and making new acquaintances. Time travel is possible with Epoch, the time machine, and “time gates,” light pillars positioned in certain areas. If a player wins the last battle, one of the game’s twelve (or thirteen in the DS, iOS, and Android versions) other endings will be shown. There are a total of twelve possible outcomes in this game. After completing the optional final fight and Chrono Trigger: DS, the game’s last bonus dungeon, players will be given access to a new ending that can only be accessed from the End of Time. After winning the optional last combat, the player could encounter this other ending. Chrono Trigger is the first game to use the brand-new New Game Plus feature. If you take up a game you’ve already finished playing, all your character’s levels, abilities, and equipment will be restored, except money. Players may start a new game with the same character levels, abilities, and gear. The player must locate several missing components that are crucial to the tale’s progression. The Masamune sword is a well-known example of this kind of weapon. Final Fantasy XV and Chrono Cross are two upcoming Square games that use the New Game Plus functionality.


Does it mean it’s a game or the pinnacle of video game art?

On the other hand, Chrono Trigger is known for its excellent role-playing. Chrono Trigger, a 1998 title that received positive reviews, has impressively climbed to the third spot on our list of the best video games ever created.

Are Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger related in any way?

In terms of philosophy and idea, the parallels between the major stories of Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger truly outweigh all else. Unquestionably, and in some ways, Chrono Cross comes just after Chrono Trigger.

What connections do Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy share?

Similar to how Bravely Default and Bravely Default and Final Fantasy did for Bravely Default, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy share a close connection. Even though it is connected to the series, the authorities do not see it as such.

Is Chrono Trigger getting a follow-up?

When Chrono Trigger 2 will be accessible is unknown. The last Chrono game was Chrono Cross, released by Square in 1999. Despite rumors of a remastering, the only Chrono Cross-related product created in the last 20 years was a crossover for the mobile game Another Eden.

Is Chrono Trigger more enjoyable to play than Final Fantasy?

Due to their distinctive movement techniques, each group performer distinguishes from the rest. They also have individual animations that alter depending on whether they speak. Chrono Trigger does it better. However, Final Fantasy VI can occur in certain circumstances.


A stunning piece of entertainment, Chrono Trigger APK MOD combines a brilliant tale with magnificent themes and excellent gameplay. While being rather ancient, I was surprised to see that this expression effectively conveys the idea of “I’m all over the place.” The disc version of Crusher includes the additional dungeons from the Nintendo DS version. As you can see, the controls for this game are rather simple. The pointer may be moved to scroll by clicking and dragging anywhere on the screen. Clicking anywhere on the screen will do this. The game began to distinguish itself from an emulated version at this time in a major way. Emulators’ frequent use of Scripps-based on-screen controls substantially limits my ability to create a video. This is why I’m saying it. I can travel diagonally even while the beep is attempting to mass with an I up and a left here down when I use emulators. I believe running Android is superior to running a simulated version, especially on tablets, since it makes better use of the available space and provides more robust experiences. This is my effort to show how different the experiences are.