BitTorrent v6.8 Mod Apk No Ads + Pro Download

BitTorrent Mod Apk

There are apps available that help in downloading files on Android devices. These applications help in searching and downloading any file with the help of the interface of your phone. Some of these apps are free to download and you are not required to pay any fee.

BitTorrent v6.8 Mod Apk No Ads + Pro Download
App NameBitTorrent
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is a torrent file?

A torrent file is a key for starting the download of the required content. For getting a shared file( i.e. movies, music, documents, books, etc.), a torrent file is required by downloading the .torrent file or by utilizing the link of the document.

BitTorrent v6.8 Mod Apk No Ads + Pro Download

What is BitTorrent Apk?

BitTorrent- The torrent app is a torrent file downloader on Android devices. It utilizes a highly-effective tool for downloading files on windows. You can download any file with the help of the interface of your phone. You can subscribe to an RSS feed, play with certain content, and much much more. You are not required to pay any fee. From this single application, you can manage all kinds of torrents and download them. You can select a location where you can send them after downloading, fixing the time to share these files, and with whom we want to share these files.  

BitTorrent v6.8 Mod Apk No Ads + Pro Download

There are choices available in the BitTorrent- Torrent app for fixing the upload and download limits of the app. You can modify these properties according to the internet connection you have. It is a complete torrent file downloader that saves everything you need. For working with this, it is best to download torrents on your Android devices.

Features Of Bittorrent Apk:

No size limitation – There are no limitations of size in this app. You can download the longest-running videos with this app without any problems or difficulties.

The app is organized – This app is very organized. You can easily find the location where you want to save your downloaded file. You can easily and quickly find all of your downloaded content.

Wi-Fi Mode – It has wi-fi only mode so at any place where you find free wi-fi data available then you can turn on that mode and start downloading. It will save your mobile data.

Library for Music and Video – In this app a properly organized music and video library is available. The files are systematically placed and arranged in these libraries. You can easily get the file you want. There is also a re-arranging mechanism available in the music player which is enjoyable.

Consistent Updates – You will get updates of the app consistently and with each update, you will get more features and more functions added to the previous version.

BitTorrent also has a paid Pro version available.

BitTorrent Pro Features:

  1. It is ads-free.
  2. There is a feature that saves your battery by stopping torrents when your battery goes below a pre-fixed level.
  3. There is a feature that saves battery & data by automatically closing the app.
  4. The torrent app automatically closes after the completion of the downloads. It has no speed and size limitations.
  5. You can download torrents and magnet links.
  6. You can decrease your storage size by choosing the files in the torrent.
  7. You can save your mobile data as it has wi-fi mode present in it.

Steps for downloading BitTorrent Pro Apk on Android:

  1. You have to enable unknown sources by going into the security present in your phone settings.
  2. You will get a link from which you have to download BitTorrent Pro Apk.
  3. After this, you have to install the apk file on your device by clicking on the Apk file.(if asked then click on allow from this source)
  4. After installing it, open the BitTorrent app.
  5. Now you can use this app.

Faqs Of Bittorrent Apk:

Is this app safe for Android?

Yes, it is completely safe. You have to make sure that you are downloading the same file and not it’s duplicating. You have to remain careful while downloading movies and apk files.

Is it legitimate to download from BitTorrent?

It is legitimate to download and upload files through this protocol if it is done legally. But to utilize it for downloading copyrighted content without the consent of its owner is not legal.

How does BitTorrent operate?

It is a peer-to-peer protocol in which a group of systems remain in touch with each other for transferring files without the requirement of a central server

Does BitTorrent function on mobile or not?

Yes, it functions on mobile. You have to install a BitTorrent client app on your Android device first from the Google play store.

Where are Bittorrent files stored?

Files are stored in the video library folder, but you can change it where you want

How can the history of downloaded files be checked on BitTorrent?

By pressing “Start” and typing %AppData%\u Torrent in “Run” you can view what you have torrented. From March 6, 2008, I‘ve downloaded 1100 torrents (50 MB in pure).

Is there a built-in VPN in BitTorrent?

You can encrypt torrent downloads through a less effective encryption technique available in QBittorrent. It is a free technique for encrypting torrent downloads. But the security which you get from this is not as secure as you get from torrent downloads

Is BitTorrent centralized or decentralized?

It is decentralized in nature with a large number of users adding a new token economy to their use case. By Launchpad, BitTorrent will have more reach to resources


There are various file downloading and uploading apps available that have their own advantages and disadvantages. BitTorrent Apk is one app among these apps which is entirely safe for downloading and uploading files. There is no risk of viruses in this file transfer protocol. So you have known what a torrent file is, what BitTorrent Apk is, its features, about BitTorrent Pro, its features, how to install BitTorrent Pro Apk, and commonly asked questions about this app. If more new information will be available about this app then it will be updated here.