Among Us Mod Apk (Unlocked All) – Updated

Among Us mod

In the gaming world Among us is one of the popular games trending in 2022. The game is multiplayer and about 3 to 10 players can enter the game in a single time and play their most favourite games. To play Among us we need a great strategy and full presence of mind in the gaming zone to defeat and win. Among us has great vibes and due to its hype among the gamers, it is gaining popularity day by day. All the gaming actions are taken only on a spaceship that is made up of different units. A task will be assigned to you along with your crew members and a secret task is given to one of your crew members for being an imposter. All you and other players in the game need to do is find the imposter and make him out of the game before the imposter is successfully able to kill all the players. If you get to play the role of imposter you need to wipe out all the crew members by hitting them with the kill button but if you get the chance of being a crew member you will have to bypass the imposter and try to figure out who is an imposter in the zone until the imposter kill you.

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Among Us Mod Apk (Unlocked All) - Updated

It’s a very interesting game, people love it. It is uncountable whether you play with your friends or the family members all the time you will experience the discovering thrill of boarding the spaceship. so here we have described the whole concept of the game. Feel free to read the whole guide if your desire is to be a pro player in Among Us gameplay.

Among Us Mod Apk (Unlocked All) - Updated
App NameAmong Us MOD
DeveloperInnersloth LLC
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is Among us?

Among us is a thrilling game that focuses on having multiplayer in the gaming area and in a single time 3 to 10 players can enter the gaming zone. The players need to board a spaceship. The gameplay is very simple and full of thrilling action. One imposter is present among the whole crew members and a task is provided to the imposter secretly. Now the game starts all the crew members have to find the imposter and make him wiped out otherwise the imposter will find and kill you.

Among Us Mod Apk (Unlocked All) - Updated

The game divides the players into 2 teams, one is an imposter and the other crew members. The purpose of the imposter is to eliminate the members before the crew members complete all their tasks while the objective of crew members is to figure out the imposter by defensive and good tactics and be wiped out from the game. If the imposter is able to kill all the crew members they will be the winner otherwise if they fail crew members will win. It is necessary to put all your efforts and concentration into good tactics to win the game.

How to use & Features of Among us apk

It’s important to know all the features of the Among Us apk before you board a spaceship because during your whole journey it will be a good addition of a piece of knowledge. Don`t worry there is no imposter who will recognize and kill you but in the game, the imposter may get success. Just read the features to create a win-win situation for you.

Among Us Mod Apk (Unlocked All) - Updated
  1. You have to complete all the tasks provided in the game successfully or wipe out all your enemies and throw them out of the game.
  2. You have to always react to every moment so that the imposter may not be able to recognize you. You need to quickly bypass your imposter and even if you come in the eyes of an imposter, move quickly as possible otherwise they may disrupt all your plans.
  3. Among Us, games have a map and cameras to quickly keep your eyes on your crewmates and even you can alert them and also they can alert you from the enemies. You can easily figure out the imposter through the map and cameras.
  4. Once you get you cremates dead bodies quickly make an announcement to other crew and try to figure out the imposter.
  5. If you are not comfortable with the behaviors of some players because of their activity you can easily eject them from the game. 

It has a lot of features like custom hats and colors to give your character an attractive look. The game will keep you engaged the whole time through its thrilling tasks. The game has high-quality graphics so that you always stay aggressive in the game. It is a multiplayer game and up to 10 players can play and have group chats to discuss imposters.

How to download Among us apk

You can easily download Among Us apk on your android devices through some simple settings and steps. The steps are listed below.

Among Us Mod Apk (Unlocked All) - Updated
  1. Visit the web and search for the Among Us apk after going through the whole guide, look for the download button and tap on it. Once the downloading gets finished looking for that apk in the download section of your browser. But if you tap on the install button it will show a popup stating your device didn’t have permission to install third-party apps. So to install third-party apps follow the steps
  2. Here are three steps to allow third-party apps on your device. Open the menu section> go to the settings of device>click on security>mark a check on installing third-party apps on your device.
  3. After completing all the above actions now you can install the Among Us apk on your device. All you need to do is tap on install and after 3 to 5 seconds it will be ready for use.
  4. Once the installation gets completed you are ready to experience the thrill of Among Us game.

Some Frequently asked questions about Among Us apk

How to win as an imposter?

You can win as an imposter if you are able to successfully complete all the given tasks and are able to find all the crew members and kill them. Being an imposter you will be assigned a secret task and you have to complete all the tasks successfully.

Is Among Us game safe for kids?

Among us, the game is very social and engaging and it can be full of fun for kids. It is the best option for kids to connect with their friends and have some fun. The game has the violence of killing the enemies which may affect the mindset of kids and a long time can be bad for your kid’s health.

Is there a voice chat in Among us?

Among us didn`t have a voice chat but you can chat with your friend by text. To enable voice chat in your game you have to download another third-party app.

Can i download Among us on Andriod?

Yes, you can download Among us on your android because it has the feature to accept all the operating systems like android, ios, Pc.

Is Among us becoming dead?

You can`t say that Among us is dead now because people are showing their interest in it and people love to play this game because of the high-quality graphics and natural occurrence of the game. Among us is constantly giving their proper updates to hold the gamers and it is necessary for every game to make it better day by day.


Among Us is one of the thrilling video games in 2021 and especially its graphic attracts the attention of users. We have gathered all the information about the among us apk and it’s really very fantastic games to connect with your friends and family and have some fun with them. If your friend is not aware of the game make them aware by sharing this URL. Hope you liked the article and are willing to read more.